Friday, 6 April 2018

Analytical Techniques is upcoming with Discussion Topic on Organic Synthesis #July 02-03,2018 #New Orleans,USA

Share your thoughts and Keep moving. Look at our experts who are all gonna give a oral presentation in our conference along with the title.

Dr Jayalakshmi Sridhar, Assistant Prof. Xavier University of Louisiana, 

Talk on :Discovery of a synthetic method to form 2,2’-bis(naphthoquinone) compounds


Quinones are key structural components in many natural products, and therapeutic drugs impacting many disease conditions, viz antimicrobial, antiparasitic, anti-tumor, inhibition of PGE2 biosynthesis and anti-cardiovascular disease. As part of our efforts in the design and development of kinase inhibitors as potential therapeutics for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, the synthesis of monohydroxynaphthoquinones using Diels-Alder reaction was pursued. This lead to the discovery of a novel method for the synthesis of 2,2’-bis(naphthoquinones)  using conjugated ketene silyl acetals with benzoquinone. The analysis of the reaction conditions and the product structures using NMR and X-ray lead to the elucidation of a credible mechanism of dimer formation. The control of reactant stoichiometry to yield either the monomer of the dimer product is explored. The results of the study of this new synthetic method are presented. 

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