Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Analytical Techniques for the Characterisation of Diesel

Time domain NMR measures the time required for nuclei to return to equilibrium after excitation. It is widely used in industry for qualitative and quantitative analyses and is recognized as a reliable, convenient, rapid analytical methodology. It shows high reproducibility without the need for sample preparation and without sacrificing sample integrity. Furthermore, since the technique uses permanent magnets, it is relatively inexpensive, simple to use and do not require extensive cooling by liquid gasses.
A novel non-destructive analytical method based on time-domain NMR has been developed that provides spectra showing a strong correlation with biodiesel content.
 Measurements were acquired directly from fuel samples using a Bruker mq-20 NMR spectrometer with a permanent magnet. Both univariate and multivariate approaches accurately determined biodiesel content in diesel−biodiesel blends. However the reference Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy provided more precise results.
This new time-domain NMR technique has the advantage that it can be performed rapidly using readily available portable bench-top TD-NMR spectrometers. It therefore represents a promising tool for quick, cost-effective and convenient determination of biodiesel content in fuel samples.

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